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Netball Nailed!
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The Colombo District Inter Club Netball Tournament 2012 was held on the 21st of October at the Torrington Grounds. The University of Moratuwa (UOM) netball team which has been regular participants of this tournament displayed unmatched talent, team spirit and exquisite techniques at this year’s tournament and walked away with the Championship of the Division A.  On their way to victory the UOM netball team defeated three talented teams – Torrington Club A team, Mahaweli Team and Telecom Team.

The victorious UOM team was lead by Yuresha Chamodi and the other team members were Aranthi Fernando, Buddhika Kulasuriya, Christaline Wijekoon, Dasuni Kasunthika, Asahani de Silva, Kaushi Akshila, Rosemary Illangakoon , Nipuni Ranasinghe and  Wathsala Senavirathne.

Buddhika Kulasuriya, speaking on behalf of her leader and the team stated “The UOM Netball team did a great job in the tournament. The talents, effort and the team spirit of our girls took our team all the way to victory. Although we played without our three key players in the first 7 squared, junior players managed to do their part to the best. We consider this tournament as the best trial for SLUG 2013 because it gave us the opportunity to create a perfect team filling the vacant positions and also to test the capabilities of our junior members. We hope to keep up the momentum till we truly achieve our goal which is becoming the champions at the SLUG next year.”

While the MoraSpirit crew congratulate the UOM netball team on their victory we wish them all the courage, confidence and the best of luck for a winning performance at SLUG 2013.

By Hasini Abeywickrama

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University of Colombo rules the Inter University Netball Championship
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Inter University Netball Championship 2012 was held on 26th and 27th of May at University of Peradeniya.

After performing to their best at the quarter finals, four teams were selected for the semifinals which were held today, the 27th May.The much awaited results were as follows:


-University of Colombo(UOC) -University of Sabaragamuwa

37-29(UOC won)

3rd Place 

-University of Moratuwa(UOM)- University of Kelaniya

64-26(UOM won)


-University of Sabaragamuwa(SAB) - University of  Moratuwa

24-17(SAB won)                                                                          


-University of Colombo - University of Kelaniya

35-23(UOC won)

Colombo sportswomen marked their ninth consecutive victory making an unceasing contribution to the glorious sports history of university. University of Sabaragamuwa clinched the silver by beating University of Moratuwa.

University of Moratuwa, being unable to get through to the semifinals at the Inter University games 2011, had a great comeback and ended up tasting the bronze.

This marked the end of another cherishing inter university netball championship leaving unforgettable memories with all the participants.

By Pramodya Senanayaka


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Inter University – Netball- Quarter finals
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Inter University Netball Championship 2012 commenced today in University of Peradeniya.

It was high time to showcase their talents,after being dedicated to continuous practices and team work. With the blessing of their coaches together with the sports fans of the respective universities, the sportswomen set off to their matches with the intention of serving their alma-mater.

The quarter finals were held today and the results were as follows:

University of Moratuwa-University of Perdaeniya   33-31(UOM won)

University of Kelaniya- University of Wayamba     26-22(KEL won)

University of Colombo- University of SriJayawardenapura 32-12 (UOC won)

University of Sabaragamuwa- University of Jaffna 36-17(SAB won)


Thus  University of Moratuwa , University of Kelaniya, University of Colombo and University of Sabaragamuwa made their way to the semifinals which will be held tomorrow, the 27th May. Sports fans are in eager to witness challenging semifinals from all four qualifiers, while University of Colombo being the tournament favourite having being the champions for eight consecutive years. Mora spirit wishes best of luck for the four universities to perform at their fullest strength while inviting all fans of netball to be with them and uplift their morale.

Be with us for more updates!!!

By Pramodya Senanayaka

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University of Moratuwa Netball to reach new HEIGHTS
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2011 held all surprises, disappointments and victories for the netball team of the University of Moratuwa. Starting the year off with the title “2010 Colombo District A Division Champions”, the team went in to inter university matches with much hope of bringing home the championship. Yet unexpectedly team was kicked out of the tournament at the first round matches after winning the first match, losing the next and finally tying the scores with University of Peradeniya.

In the year 2011, at the Colombo District Tournament, the team emerged as the runner up of the A division qualifying to enter the Senior Nationals Netball Tournament.

Focusing on individual performances, two players of the team got selected to represent the combined University team of Sri Lanka in Malaysia, where the Sri Lankan team became runner up. Also three of the players were entitled for the SLUSA awards in 2011. This shows the individual strengths of the team.

This unpredictable nature of winning and losing of the team makes us question, where does the problem lie? Is it a matter of luck?

Ruwanthi Perera, Senior Old Mora Netball player shared with MoraSpirit, “The team has improved a lot but lack of strategic planning is a major issue that must be addressed.”

 “There is no doubt that we have the star power. All we need to improve is the combination and application of it”, says Kushani Attapththu, a past captain of Mora netball.

The new captain for the year 2012 Chamodi is strongly determined to make 2012 remembered as a remarkably successful year for University of Moratuwa netball at all tournaments with the support of her team mates and the added new strengths.

-By Viraji Bandara

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UOM Netball Team Loses Their Title to Torrington Club
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The inter-Colombo district tournament organized by the Colombo District Netball Association for the 3rd consecutive year was held on the 26th of October at the Torrington Ground, Colombo .

Under the guidance of their coach Mrs. Chandani and teacher-in-charge Mrs Priyantha, University of Moratuwa emerged as the runner up losing their championship title to the Torrington club team.

This year only Torrington club, Sampath Bank and University of Moratuwa battled in the ‘A’ division category showing a major decline in participation from last year.

At the tournament, University of Moratuwa got the advantage of directly entering the finals because of their title. The preliminary match was won by the Torrington club defeating Sampath Bank with a score of 20:13.

Though the UOM netball team was leading at the first half of the nail biting finals by three points,with a twist of fate, lost to the Torrington club by 5 points at the end of the match.



"This was our last tournament for the year 2011. It is very sad that we lost our title but I think the girls played well in spite of the absence of the key player of the team. Even the new players played well considering the fact that this was their first match on the team," said Sandamali, the captain of UOM netball team.

-By Viraji Bandara

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