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After postponements, ups and downs, Inter University Games 2012 came to a conclusion with a series of thrilling games of Carrom.

University of Kelaniya (KEL), University of Moratuwa (UOM), University of Peradeniya (UOP), University of Colombo (UOC), University of Sri Jayawardenapura (USJP), University of Ruhuna (RUH), University of Wayamba (WAY), University of Jaffna (JAF) and University of Rajarata (RAJ) made the ‘shots’ against each other with the hope of ‘pocketing’ the title!

With luck and talent defeating the opponents KEL, UOM, UOC and RUH men’s chess teams marched to the semifinals.  UOM and UOC faced each other at the finals defeating KEL and RUH respectively. After intense shooting and pocketing UOC won the title of Inter University Men’s Carrom Champions 2012 placing UOM in the second place while KEL was placed third.

The women’s teams of KEL, WAY, USJP and UOC made their way to the semifinals where the best of the best were selected for the finals. USJP and WAY faced each other at the finals. After nail biting shooting, USJP emerged as Inter University Women’s Carrom Champions 2012. WAY and KEL were the first and second runners up respectively.

MoraSpirit congratulates the Champions and all the players who participated in the winding up carrom matches of the Inter University Games 2012.

By Hasini Abeywickrama

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Mora at Open Carrom Tournament
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An Open Carrom Tournament organized by Sri Lanka Carrom Federation was held on Saturday, 7th January, 2012. Four members of the University of Moratuwa team participated in this event amongst many other all island carrom rankers.

Taking part in the doubles event, Nuwan Ravindrashan (Vice Captain) and Pradeep Gunarathna of UOM comfortably advanced to the 2nd round claiming a convincing victory of 25/11. Unfortunately the 2nd round ended with a score of 5/25 in favour of their opponents.

UOM’s Udara Fonseka (Captain) and Arosha Sumanaweera also took part in another doubles event where the opponents marked their win with a score of 25/4.

-By  Radhavi Samarakoon


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Ruhuna and Kelaniya pocket queens for their Championships
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altIt was yet another thriller-at-final as Ruhuna and Colombo took a head on fight to crown as champions at Carrom Federation last weekend. Adrenaline and muscle power had nothing much to do in this contest but the sharpness in eyes and accuracy at finger tips had lot to offer. The finals worked out on Sunday dragging fans of both teams to the edge of their seats taking the tie to a fifth match decider since at the end of four matches both teams had two wins apiece. Fraternities of Ruhuna over played Colombo in this decider to seal their championship retaining the trophy for yet another year.
Kelaniya Girls ousted their opponents in all of their matches in the championship acknowledging they are the best of the lot. The guild dispelled Pera in the final to make a convincing 3/1 victory to lift the trophy without much troubles.
Twelve university teams in men’s category and ten in women’s contested under four groups each in the first stage of the championships. End of Quarterfinals Mora, Colombo, Ruhuna and Wayamba marched to Semifinals in the men’s category while J’Pura, Colombo, Kelaniya and Pera did so in women’s category. After two very tight men’s semifinals Ruhuna and Colombo stood slightly above their opponents (respectively Wayamba and Mora) to get to the finals with a 3/2 score line. In women’s category Kelaniya eased to the finals while Pera beat J’Pura 3/2 at their semifinal.
Men’s consolation final was yet another tighter which ended with a 3/2 score line in favor of Wayamba.
J’Pura girls reserved third place with a 3/0 victory over Colombo to conclude their well fought run in interuniversity championship this year.

By Chathuranga Kannangara

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