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Badminton Selections for Summer Universiade 2013
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Players from universities, Moratuwa, Colombo, Japura, Wayamba, Ruhuna, and Sabragamuwa enthusiastically rallied at the selections for the World Universities badminton championships. The Badminton court at University of Moratuwa was occupied on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of February 2013 filled with rackets and shuttlecocks.

A pool of 27 players for the men’s category and 15 from women’s were present on the first day of the selections. The players from men’s category were combined into 5 groups, and within the group they served each other. At the end of the day, two best players from each group were put through to the next level. 
Similarly in the women’s category, the 15 players were pooled into three groups and faced off each other within the set. Six best players in total from all three were sent to next round.

Ten players from the Men’s and six from the women’s, who succeeded from day one, played round robin for the next two days. The cream of the university badminton arena, explicitly expressed their performance with clean scores. The ranking list was made based on their performance.  This will be used to select the players for the team for the World University Games this year. As of now the first four from the men’s team and two from women’s are definite, the total may increase in the future.


The 27th Summer Universiade is to be hosted in Kazan, Russia from the 2nd to 17th of July 2013. The badminton matches will be held at the tennis academy and Kazan Federal University. The badminton criterion allows a maximum of 12 participants represent the country.

The matches will be held on the basis of individuals and teams, where team consists of two from each men and women. The singles, doubles and mixed events will be played with a total of 6 medal events. The games at the World championships will be adhering the standards of the FISU- Federation International du Sports Universitaire. 

Ranking list from the selection matches.

1- A.M Akila upendra (UOM)
2- N.W.K Leelarathna (RUH)
3- N.K Jayasooriya (UOM)
4- K.G Lokugamage (SJP)
5- K.H Fernando (SJP)
6- S.A.W Bandara (COL)
7- P.D.D.I Gunathilaka (SAB)
8- P.S Rajapaksha (COL)
9- M Wijerathana (UOM)
10- N.W.K Leelarathna (UOW)

1- Sandaru Weerasinghe (UOM)
2- R.M.K Madushani (KEL)
3- S.G.M.R.L Wimalasekara (KEL)
4- E Bambarandage (PER)
5- U.N.M Perera (WAY)
6- Audarya Guruge (UOM)


“We played four matches per day for the ranking selection; it was tiring both physically and mentally.  I had to rally more than six matches in three sets, which was really tough as there was only a few straight wins.  But I’m happy to be a part of the team representing the country. ” – Akila Upendra – first in the men’s category.

“This is one of the remarkable trials in my badminton career; I won all 5 matches despite its difficulty, the players were the best from the badminton pool.  Madushani from UOK has been ranked no.1 for more than 2 years in the past, I’m happy to have broken her record.  Last time during the trials for World University games in Korea, I lost the match with the second best player from UOK but I'm glad to have overcome such misfortunes by my hard-work. ”  - Sandaru Weerasinghe – first in the women’s category.

By Jaanuvi Santhirasegaram

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APIIT Sports Extravaganza 2012 – Badminton
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The badminton championship of the APIIT Sports Extravaganza  was held 17th November with the participation of UOM,APIIT,SLIIT and SAITAM.

In the men’s category, the champions of the Inter University Games 2012,UOM  marched through to the finals beating SLIIT team in a nail biting semifinals .APIIT got through to the finals , shattering  the dreams of SAITAM to be a finalist.

In the grand final, University of Moratuwa shuttlers showed their dominance by winning against APIIT by 3/0. While UOM and APIIT  tasted gold and silver respectively, SLIIT and SAITAM shared the bronze.

Back in women’s category, SLIIT was crowned as the champions while APIIT became runner’s up.

The tournament was a great success and gathered the sportsmen and sportswomen of different educational institutes to one platform developing their friendship and true sportsmanship. MoraSpirit congratulates all the winners and wish every participant best of luck and strength for their future endeavors. 

By Pramodya Senanayaka

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Shuttlers of Mora and Kelaniya Seize the 2012 Titles
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altInter university badminton championship 2012 concluded on the 8th July 2012 at University of Moratuwa, with University of Moratuwa lifting the men’s championship and University of Kelaniya securing the women’s title.

The battle for the badminton championship commenced on the 6th of July, with the participation of eleven universities in the men’s category and ten in the women’s.

From the men’s category group stage matches University of Moratuwa (UOM), University of Sabaragamuwa (SAB), University of Colombo (UOC), University of Sri Jayawardenepura (USJP), University of Kelaniya (KEL), University of Ruhuna (RUH), University of Wayamba (WAY) and University of Rajarata (RAJ) qualified for the quarter finals. At the quarter final matches UOM secured an easy win of 3/1 over SAB while USJP beat WAY, UOC scored over RUH and KEL beat RAJ for 3/1 to get selected for the semifinals. At the first semifinal match,after an intense game, UOM beat UOC qualifying for the finals and with much hope of retaining the title. 

Despite Nisala Wishwanath’s performance, University of Kelaniya was outshone by the team of USJP  for 3/1 at the second semifinal match. The final between UOM and USJP was a display of spectacular performance from both teams. It was an event that was long waited and a battle fought for many years. The over whelming number of supporters from both ends was enough evidence. USJP seized the match into their control winning two singles straight, marking an ideal start. Chaminda Priyasad saved the day for UOM playing probably the best game of his life and giving UOM supporters a reason to make their presence heard. The doubles were no piece of cake for UOM with USJP fighting hard for the title, but Nadeeka Jayasooriya and captain Tharidha Muhandiramge along with Akila Upendra and Madhawa Wijerathna of UOM won the doubles, bringing home the inter university championship for the third time. Strengthened by the defeat to UOM, UOC presented KEL a solid game at the consolation finals, succeeding to secure the third place.












“We knew the draw was tough and the turning point for us was winning the second single which boosted our morale to give a good game at the doubles and the boys did a good job, making the most of all the opportunities and securing the victory with Mora,” shared Tharidha Muhandhiramge, Captain of the UOM badminton team.


In the women’s category preliminary matches, University of Moratuwa, University of Sabaragamuwa, University of Colombo, University of Sri Jayawardenepura, University of Kelaniya, University of Rajarata, University of Wayamba and University of Peradeniya qualified for the quarter finals. At the quarters, USJP managing a near win over UOC, UOM scoring an easy win over WAY, KEL and PERA marking easy wins over SAB and RAJ respectively,paved their way through to the semifinals. At the first semi, between USJP and UOM, though the chances looked quite bleak for USJP women at the end of the singles games, they made sure there were no loose ends at the doubles, leaving not a single opportunity for the UOM shuttlers. As USJP marked their entrance to the finals, KEL team, being the favorites this year with outstanding singles players, Erani Welivitigoda, Kanishka Madushani and Ruwani Lavindi secured an easy win over PERA, qualifying to play up against USJP at the finals. At the equally exciting finals, despite a singles win for USJP from Ravihari De Silva, KEL proved to be a much challenging team and KEL emerged the women’s champions for the 2nd consecutive year with a score of 3/1. UOM managed to pull out a tricky win over PERA at the consolation finals to bring home the third place this year as well.

By Sayuri Sumithrarachchi


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SLIIT "Shuttle Buds"
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Mora Women Shuttlers Impress on Day One
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