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SLUG 2013 Official Logo Launched!
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The official logo launch and the press conference of Sri Lanka University Games (SLUG) 2013 were held on 27th February 2013 at the Fingara Town & Country Club. The chief guest for the event was Prof. Ananda Jayawardena - Vice Chancellor, University of Moratuwa. Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Moratuwa - Prof. Rahula Attalage, President of Sri Lanka University Sports Association (SLUSA) - Prof. Sohan Wijesekera, Director of Institute of Technology University of Moratuwa – Dr. T. A. G. Gunasekara, Registrar – Jaufer Sadique, Director of Physical Education Division – Mr. K. R. D. C. Rathnamudali, Chairperson of Sports Advisory Board and media committee of SLUG 2013 – Dr. Mrs. Sanja Gunawardena also graced the occasion. Journalists from renowned print and digital media were present on this occasion to report on this much awaited event of Sri Lankan university culture.

Prof. Sohan Wijesekera, President of SLUSA welcomed the gathering, also giving a brief introduction about Sri Lanka University Games. The SLUG, held triennially, is referred to as the “mini Olympics” among the university community. It was initiated in 1980, and the first SLUG was held at University of Peradeniya. University of Moratuwa last hosted the SLUG in 1995, and after 18 years, has been entrusted yet again to take the games to greater heights this year.

Chief Guest of the event, Prof. Ananda Jayawardena spoke about the university and the organizing of SLUG 2013 in his address to the gathering. He stated that they intended to make it the best SLUG held so far and that it will be more of a tech-savvy Sri Lanka University games this year. The support extended from the physical education division, staff, students and MoraSpirit was also acknowledged. Speaking of MoraSpirit, he said it was “the inspiring force behind this entire thing, going out of their way to support fellow sportspeople and provide web coverage."

The highlight of the evening was the launch of the official logo for SLUG 2013, which was unveiled by the chief guest. The selected logo was designed by Manoshi Hansapani, a Level II Fashion Design undergraduate. It symbolizes the interrelationship of Sri Lankan universities, and the theoretical idea of the logo is based on the universal symbol of cosmic energy lines created by bubble formation.   


The composite multiple colour schemes represent the university corporatecolours, and the dynamic 14 bubble lines depict the 14 participant universities. The negative space in between the two main flows of lines create sporty and entertaining happy mood of a human posture. The proportions and holistic formation is inspired from the flame of traditional sports game torch. At the same time it resembles education, intelligence and wisdom by ‘celebrating the friendship encounter’ which is also the motto for the 11th SLUG.







A demonstration of the official website for SLUG was done by Niranda Perera, on behalf of MoraSpirit. With their vision of empowering Sri Lankan university sports,MoraSpirit has taken up the task of covering SLUG 2013 as the official web partner. www.slug2013.moraspirit.com will be the official website for SLUG 2013, through which all the teams will be able to register online.

brief question and answer session was held between the journalists and the organizing committee, and the support of all media was requested for the success of the11th SLUG. The day’s proceedings concluded, with the vote of thanks presented by Dr. Mrs. Sanja Gunawardena, followed by cocktail and dinner.


By Radhavi Samarakoon


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MORA LE 2013 – Leadership Exploration Camp
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MoraSpirit hosted the first high-flown event of the year, MORA LE 2013 – Leadership Exploration Camp, on 17th February at the Owinka Lake Resort, Wadduwa. The ultimate goal of the event was to unite the sporting community within the university and boost their confidence to grab the championship trophy in the upcoming SLUG 2013.  

Main aspiration of MORA’ LE2013 was to analyze and recap the current preparations of the sportsmen of University of Moratuwa for SLUG 2013. This day intended to enhance their self-confidence, to heighten their inspiration and to push their will power to reach the ultimate goal.

As the name “A Leadership Exploration Camp” suggested, the podium was arranged for exploration and exploitation of self-awareness, team work and leadership skills of the participants to accomplish common goals focused on positive change through adventurous activities, participation in a challenge course, discussions and reflections. 

The enthusiasm and adventurousness were carved into each and every bone of the participants from the very beginning of the event with a lovely boat ride which transferred them to a charming island. The morning consisted of a few sessions conducted by the distinguished guests.

Dr. Thushantha Wijesinghe, Sports Medicine Doctor of Kalubowila Hospital conducted a session on sporting without injuries and nutrition where he persisted about the precedence of being focused on physical fitness and agility which is a key factor for a winning team. There he briefly described on avoiding injuries and reaching our full potential.

Then it was a small introduction on MoraSpirit, its growth in the recent past and efforts taken to create a good sporting culture in the Sri Lankan university sports arena by Niranda Perera, COO of MoraSpirit.

The energetic second session to “gear the lads up” was undertaken by one of the “best in the business”, Mr. Chandrishan Perera, a name synonymous with Sri Lankan Rugby as a past Sri Lankan captain, as an outstanding player for CR & FC and as the coach for Sri Lankan Women’s team. He discussed the concepts of how “Mere Practice doesn’t make perfect, but the perfect practice”, “Individual improvement always comes first” and “Miles make champions”. He further explained the significance of the word “FOCUS” and reaching beyond the threshold of our own comfort zone in training; this was pointed out fascinatingly with the absorption of the attention of the audience to the fullest.

The microphone was then taken by the man behind the microphone for YES FM’s sports show “The Score”, Mr. Shanaka Amarasinghe, who was a dedicated sportsman of University of Colombo in Rugby and Swimming,. He stressed on the importance of proper goal setting at right time conducting a very interactive session with the participants.

The participative session, “Project War” was then called the tune by none other than one of the most dedicated personalities of the MoraSpirit Initiative, Mr. Heminda Jayaweera, the president of MoraSpirit. He addressed all the vital points in each and every sport in UOM. An effective discussion was then taken place between the audience and the sport administration of UOM to identify the “chinks in the armor” and immediate attention of the necessary authorities was given.

Then came the adventurous part of the event, Treasure Hunting, where the gathering was allocated into few groups and sent into the field in the hunt. The experience was both exciting and entertaining. 



The feedback for the event from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the value of exploration and exploitation of leadership skills in a “real world” environment.

The combined efforts of the MoraSpirit crew surpassed the challenges in making the event a great success for the second time. 


By Naleendra Kularatne




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Boundless Passion for Baseball Takes Varsity Star to National Level
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University students always love to see great sportsmanship. A considerable amount of talented stars are developing through these systems. Lasantha Sanjeewa Manna Uthum is one of them who made a huge impact on university sports through Baseball. So Prior to SLUG 2013 MoraSpirit spoke to him to share his ideas and experiences.


Baseball is somewhat new to Sri Lanka. Could you tell us why you chose baseball and how your baseball career started? 

It all started at my school, Ranabima Royal College. First, as everyone does, I chose cricket but my seniors at school hostel were playing baseball. Actually, our school had a baseball culture. Eventually I started to play baseball and felt some desire to play it. At that time I was only 13. Since then I represented  the school until U19 level and I was the U19 vice-captain as well.


Where do you think Sri Lanka stands in the field of baseball?

After winning the first international trophy in 2009 we became 46th in the rankings among 120+ baseball playing countries. Currently we are ranked 30th.


What are the required improvements? Have there been any changes/improvements in Sri Lankan baseball if look back at the time you started and now?

When I started baseball, it was really hard for a baseball player as there weren’t many tournaments to take part in and only a few people were involved in this sport. However, now the situation has improved and we can see a lot of baseball tournaments organized around the country. Some schools have started to play even big matches now we have taken a big stride by building a national baseball stadium.

 Still, we face many difficulties having to import our equipment from Japan as there is no baseball equipment market in Sri Lanka. Having the facilities to purchase equipments inland would really contribute to improve the standards of baseball in Sri Lanka.


If we look at university baseball, where is it now compared to national level?

At 2010 we earned the 8th place at the 5th World University Baseball Championship at Japan and put Sri Lankan baseball on a higher position. This is an achievement which is not thateasy for the national team to achieve. Including myself, we have 4 university players representing the national team and I believe that shows our strength at national level.


Could you tell us about performances of your university?

University of Peradeniya was the first to play baseball at university level at 2002/03. Until 2010, we played for invitational tournaments and finally we were able to claim the maiden interuniversity baseball championship at SLUG 2010. Thereafter we became runners- up and won the 3rd place at 2011 and 2012 Inter University Games.


We know that you are one of the outstanding performers for your side. Could you tell us the secret behind your success?

I’ve been playing baseball with passion since my childhood. And our seniors at school and university were really supportive and gave me advice to improve my game. The main thing is I always concentrate on my practices. Actually, to be playing baseball you need to have the desire coming from the deepest end of your mind.


You must have had lots of great moments in your career. Out of those what is the most memorable moment in your university baseball career?

No doubt it is the SLUG victory. During my 1st year of the university we became the Inter University Champions and I was named captain for the 2012 World University Championship in Chinese Taipei but unfortunately the tournament was cancelled.


 You must be really proud of being selected to represent Sri Lanka.  Could you tell us about your national baseball career?

In 2007 I was selected to the Sri Lankan U18 team. Then in 2008, I was selected to the Sri Lankan Senior National Team. Since then I’ve been playing for Sri Lanka up to now. We have won the 5th place at the 7th Asian BFA" AAA” Baseball Championship which was held in Chinese Taipei in 2007, Bronze Medal of Asian Baseball Cup in Bangkok- Thailand in 2009, Silver Medal at the 1st SAARC Baseball Cup in Lahore- Pakistan in 2011 and the Silver Medal at the 10th West Asia Baseball Championship in Lahore- Pakistan in 2012.


We would also like to know a little about your personal life. Tell us about your family and their support?

I’m Lasantha Sanjeewa Manna Uthum. My father is M.U.M. Abeyrathne. My mother is N.K. Premawathi. My father was an administrator at the Department of Education. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers and I am the youngest in the family.


Could you tell us about your academic career at the University of Peradeniya?

I am a 4th year student studying in the management stream. This is my final year of the university and I am continuing the game without disturbing my academic life.


Any player has a sporting role model. Who is your favorite baseball player?

Ichiro Suzuki of Japan.He is a left handed player. His batting stance and style really impress me.


As proud reigning SLUG Champions, how are your preparations for the upcoming SLUG?

In our university we have the raw talent. Most of them don’t know their strength when it comes to playing the game. What we are hoping to do is to take them for our practices and make a really strong squad of players to achieving the task.

Is there anyone that you would like to extend your gratitude to?

I am really grateful to all those who helped me in my baseball career including my parents and family members, my 1st coach, Mr. T. D. Kulathunga and Master in charge of baseball at Ranabima Royal College, Mr. C.S. Cooray.

I would also like to thank Mr. Anjula Mallawaarachchi, Instructor- Baseball at University of Peradeniya and Mr. Palitha Perera, Director – Physical Education of University of Peradeniya. My coaches, Mr. Chathuranga Ranasinghe and Mr. Theekshana Gammanpila also have to be mentioned.


By Tharindu Wanigasekara





















































































































































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Be Prepared! Get ready to Lead – MORA-LE’ 2013
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MORA-LE’13, the first special project in 2013 organized by MoraSpirit for the second consecutive year is scheduled to be held on 17th February 2013 at Owinka Lake Resort, Wadduwa. The event strives to uplift and enhance leadership skills and styles of University of Moratuwa sports team leaders (Captains and Vice captains) together in heightening collaboration and relationship among them. MoraSpirit organizes this grand happening aligning the ultimate goal of grabbing the championship trophy in the upcoming Sri Lanka University Games (SLUG) 2013. So as to reach the destination, captains need to be physically and mentally ready to lead their teams. MORA-LE will help them to build up their self-confidence, moral, inspiration and many other leadership qualities that are essential in unearthing an exceptional team leader and advance their career.

MORA-LE will be displayed with the participation of around 100 sports personnel and administrators of the University. Mr. Chandrashan Perera, Sri Lankan women’s rugby coach, Mr. Aravinda De Silva, former Sri Lankan batsman, Mr. Sifaan Zavahir, leadership development trainer, Mr. Brendon Kuruppu, former Sri Lankan wicket-keeper and batsman, Mr. Ajit Gunawardena, former national oarsman, rowing coach,Mr. Heminda Jayaweera, president of MoraSpirit Initiative and Mr. Ajanthan Sivathas, advisor of MoraSpirit initiative would be notable individuals who are expected to conduct training sessions at the event.


The event is programmed for two leadership training sessions with some other interactive sessions, in which captains would be trained in team work, presentation skills, visionary thinking and conflict resolution. Consequently, this event would virtually enrich the UOM standard in sporting arena by strengthening, guiding the leaders in the spirit of fellowship and fun to lead their team members for higher achievements in the future.

In retrospect, MORA-LE’12, the inaugural leadership camp was successfully held at the Wijaya Resort, Kiriellawith the participation of all the captains and vice captains. At the end it attained positive as well as amusing responses. The pragramme was described as “an unforgettable experience and a special privilege provided by MoraSpirit to evaluate their future plans to pursue inter university games with a well-balanced mindset”.

Keep in touch with www.moraspirit.com, while we bring you the live updates of the proceedings.

by Treshani Perera

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The leaders who’ll either find a way or make one – The Sports Council of 2013
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The inauguration of the new Sports Council for the year 2013 was held on the 13th of December 2012 at the Division of Physical Education from 11 am onwards, along with the presence of the Director of Physical Education, Mr. K.R.D.CRathnamudali, other masters/mistresses-in-charge and the captains and vice captains of 22 sports of the University.

The main purposes of this event were to appoint a new Sports Council for the year 2013 and officially hand over the duties of the existing Council to the newly appointed.

The following members were elected and appointed to serve on the Sports Council of 2013:

President              Dinusha Amarathunga
Secretary Lasitha Manchanayake
Vice President Samuditha Ishan
Junior Treasurer Charith Fonseka
Editor Supun Amarasinghe
Lady Representative Rosemary Illangakoon


After officially handing over the duties to the newly appointed, the successive President, Dinusha Amarathunga, stressed on the need of every member’s commitment for the upcoming glorious event, the SLUG, which is of great importance to the University this year. “It’s a rare opportunity for our University to be the host of SLUG 2013, it’s a privilege a university gets once in eighteen years. Therefore, we must work hard not only to make this event remembered by everyone but also to win the overall championship, which will make it extra special for us” said the President.
The Director of Physical Education too emphasized the importance of the contribution of the members in order to be crowned the ‘Overall SLUG Champions this year.

On behalf of the entire University of Moratuwa sporting community and fans, Mora Spirit heartily wishes the newly appointed Sports Council strength to make 2013 a remarkable year in the history of UoM sports.


By Chathurthi De Silva





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